DG Training can be fun! let us prove it

By law anybody that offers Dangerous Goods for transport must follow specific regulations and receive training that is commensurate with their responsibilities. Dangerous Goods training is usually required to obtain or retain a job. It is perceived as a dry and boring subject.

In all our courses we acknowledge those prejudices and over the 500 courses we've facilitated, have developed a training style that leaves the participants with a different view on DG. Dangerous Goods is a vast and complex subject but let us prove that it can be fun! We provide training in English, Danish and Swedish. Check out our training page for more info.


Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor

According to EU directive 96/35/EG all businesses involved in the transport of Dangerous Goods must have a certified DGSA appointed and connected to their business.

In the EU this applies to road transport of Dangerous Goods only but in Sweden it applies to all modes of transport.

We will tailor a solution that suits your requirements. Contact us for a noncommittal consultation.

DG Consulting

30+ years of operational knowledge

With 30+ years of hands on operational knowledge from all levels of DG transport and being part of an independent network of DG professionals we can answer any question and find the smartest solutions for you. Up to 30% of all DG offered for air transport is rejected by the airlines. We'll make sure you are not one of those 30%.

Quality Control

Restricted Cargo Compliance

The transport of restricted cargo (Dangerous goods, Pharma, Perishables) is governed by a multitude of rules and regulations. Having developed the DG quality controls system that currently is in use globally for DHL and compliance programs for IATA, we know better than most how to create a smart solution for your restricted cargo compliance. Compliance is cost effective.

Dangerous good Tools

Smart tools for your operation

Interactive guides, work instructions, quick reference guides, labels and emergency equipment. We will provide the tools to ensure your daily work is smarter, more efficient and most importantly, compliant.

Healthcare products

Pharma and Perishables

The logistics of Pharma and perishables is getting much needed attention at the moment to enhance a more sustainable supply chain. DG SafetGroup is at the forefront of training and compliance with regards to Pharma (TCR) and Perishables (PCR). Contact us for training or compliance support