Air Courses

This us our turf! You will not find a better classroom experience, we make DG fun! We offer open and customer specific courses and our training program is approved by the Danish CAA.

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Road Courses

We offer awerness courses (ADR 1.3) which is intended for warehouse staff, and drivers ( up to the limits of LQ). We also have special courses for companies handling Air and Road shipments.

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Customer Specific

This is our specialty! we will customize any of our courses to suite your needs. Contact us and we'll find a solution that works for you.

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Other Courses

Live Animals, Perishables, Pharma & Healthcare, Secuirty. We provide courses in everything that is regulated by Air. Some courses are best offered as a package to cover all the needs of warehouse staff.

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The DG SafetyGroup Training Program

Nobody knows the DGR like we do!

One of our primary objectives is to provide training that is informative, relevant, regulatory compliant, up to date, and above all fun to take in. With experience from over 500 courses (not only DG), training and coaching events we firmly beleive that we posses the tools to take DG training to the next level. DG training is a Safety Filter for transport, especially by air thus "participation medals" are not handed out, you have to earn your certificate by successfully completing the course and exam. If you don't find a course that suits you in our normal training program, please contact us and we'll find a solution.

Up to 30% of all dangerous goods offered for air transport are rejected by the Airlines, having proper DG training (and procedures, we can do that too) ensures that your shipments are accepted. Having a shipment rejected can be far more expensive than training. Sign up today!

Remember, if recurrent training is completed within the final 3 months of validity of previous training, the period of validity extends from the month on which the recurrent training was completed until 24 months from the expiry month of that previous training. Meaning if you previously attended a course in April 2016, you can attend refresher training in Jan, Feb, March & April of 2018 and your certificate is still valid until April 2020

Training Program





IATA Cat .1 & 3 3 days For shippers and freight forwarders acting on behalf of the shipper. 6.100,00*
IATA Cat. 1 & 3 Refresher 2 days Refresher training for staff with a valid certificate. 4.900,00*
IATA Cat. 2 1 day For packers of dangerous goods 3.500,00*
IATA Cat. 4,5,7,8,9,11 (AWE) 1/2 day Awareness training for freight forwarders, ground handling and operator staff. 3.500,00*
IATA Cat. 6
5 days For ground handling and operator staff accepting dangerous goods into the air network. 15.000,00*
IATA Cat. 6 Excl. RADAC 4 days For ground handling and operator staff accepting dangerous goods. Excluding Radioactive Material 13.000,00*
IATA Cat. 6 Refresher 3 days Refresher training for staff with a valid certificate. 12.000,00*
IATA Cat. 6 Light 2 days For operator staff only accepting Table 9.1.A Material and DRY ICE. 5.900,00*
IATA Cat. 10 1 day For operator flight crews, load planners and load masters 3.500,00*
IATA Cat. 12 1/2 day For security staff screening passengers, baggage and/or cargo and mail. 3.500,00*
IATA Cat. 1&2 CUSTOM 1-2 day(s) For shippers of single classes or specific articles 1.4S etc. Ask and we’ll build you a course! *
Aviation ADR 1 day Specifically tailored for cargo terminals handling Air-Road-Air shipments. Combination of IATA & ADR 3.500,00*
DG Emergency Response (ERP) 1 day For cargo terminal staff to safely evaluate emergency situations involving dangerous goods. 3.500,00*
ADR 1.3 1/2 day Functional specific ADR 1.3 compliant course for terminal staff and or drivers. 3.500,00*
Lithium Batteries Small 1 day Lithium battery (LiBa) awareness course focusing on preparation of Section II battery shipments for Air, Road and Sea. 3.500,00*
Lithium Battery Shipper - full 2 days Shipper / freight forwarder course for all lithium battery (LiBa) shipments. 5.600,00*
AVI - Live Animals 2 days IATA Live Animals Regulations 5.500,00*
PER - Perishable Cargo 1 day IATA Perishable Cargo Course (Seafood, fruit, vegetables, flowers, anything perishable) 3.500,00*
TCR - Pharma Cargo 1 day IATA Pharma Cargo Course (Life Science, Medical shipments) 3.500,00*
AVI-PER-AWE-ERP 3 days Complete awareness course incl. AVI, PER, Human remains, ADR/IATA and ERP. 5.900,00*
UN3373 and UN1845 1 days Custom course for shippers of Biological Subtances and dry ice. 3.500,00*


* Our speciality is custom in-house courses tailored to the client’s need. Price per individual agreement, contact us for details. Note: The courses offered by DG Safety Group are not accredited or otherwise approved by IATA and no IATA certificate will be issued by completing such courses



Denmark: All DG training for air transport must be approved by the Danish Transport Authority. Our training program is approved. Reference number: TS3050402-00001