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DG SafetyGroup was founded in Sep 2017 by Mats Bäckström. Formerly head of Dangerous Good for DHL in the Nordics. With over 27 years of experience from transport of Dangerous Good we believe we can take DG training and consulting to the next level. Check out our web for more information.

We stay on top of DG!

At the 7th IATA Lithium Battery Workshop in Barcelona 03-04 October 2017. A great event with the key players in the LiBa transport business.

Who said DG cannot be fun! Here the Association of Safety Advisors in Denmark are getting prepped for a night of "Hell's Kitchen". But only after spending the day in the "classroom" keeping on top of the DGSA responsibiliites.

Dangerous Goods Training. It can be fun!

We promise to deliver a different style of training, based on experience drawn from facilitating over 500 courses, training and coach events for over 25 years. By signing up for the Newsletter you'll get 15% off your first open or custom in-house course. Check out our training program here. The next courses are:

IATA Lithium Battery Awareness - 04 December 09:00 - 17:00 Ørestad, Denmark Intended for everybody that ship or transport "small batteries".

IATA UN3373/UN1845 Custom - 07 December 09:00 - 17:00 Ørestad, Denmark Intended for shippers of Biological Substance Category B on Dry Ice. The normal IATA shipper courses are general and cover 3 days. This course only handles UN3373 & UN1845 thus can be covered in 1 intense and fun day. Sign up today.

IATA Lithium Battery Awareness - 08 December 09:00 - 17:00 Malmö, Sweden

Coming into force on 01 Jan 2018, changes to the regulations will restrict passengers and crew from traveling with more than 15 Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs), and to a maximum of 20 spare batteries. The idea is to reduce the risks involved in the carriage of hidden lithium batteries. Currently, there are no limits on how many PEDs and batteries passengers can carry, resulting in people going to different parts of the world and buying hundreds of PEDs, putting them in their luggage to bring home for commercial sale. If you need to travel with more PEDs or spare batteries you need to ask the airline involved for permission in advance.

To keep yourself or your shipments with lithium batteries moving sign up for a DG SafetyGroup course or contact us for advice. We stay on top of the Lithium Battery regulations.

The IATA DG 59th Edition Significant Changes can be viewed here.

Keep your shipments moving, safely and compliantly. Contac us Today!

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